About CELC

Consumer & Employment Law Center is a law firm dedicated to representing people in consumer and employment matters primarilly in Wisconsin and specially appearing in other states. The consumer matters range from inaccurate credit reports, background reports in employment, debt collection harassment, unfair or deceptive acts and practices, auto fraud and other matters involving you as a consumer of goods and services in the marketplace. The employment claims CELC handles includes discrimination, sexual harassment, disability discrimination, arrest and conviction record discrimination, medical leave violations, improper use of background reports or investigations and other matters that relate to you in the workplace. In addition to this blog, CELC authors blogs at http://carfraudmatters.info, http://backgroundmatters.info and http://creditreportmatters.info that have information for consumers and employees on these specific areas of the law. You can find more about CELC and the laws we work to enforce for employees and consumers at www.celcwi.com.

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